Zen Coast University

Building Your Knowledge in Real Estate Investing

Zen signifies the peace of mind solutions we will help provide you to easily learn how to build your passive income portfolio. Coast signifies being able to coast through your life and enjoy time with who you want, when you want, and where you want. University signifies the community here to help support you with your growth.

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Free Webinar

We are hosting a 1.5-hour masterclass on how you can start your financial freedom journey using real estate to live a more abundant life, uncover your purpose so that you can create a positive impact in your community!


Summer Mastermind Retreat in Nashville, TN

A 3-day event that will focus on your mindset, growth, and transformation, specially on how you can start your financial freedom journey using real estate as a vehicle to live a more abundant life.

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Live micro-pod sessions with fellow students and your real estate coach to review your dream sheet and deal analyses.

Real Life Experiences

Learn from our coaches' experiences and mistakes to fast track your growth and not make costly mistakes in real estate investing.


You will have the supportive environment to challenge yourself to truly unlock your greatest potential in not just real estate but in life.

Building Your Financial Freedom Path

We have put together our coaches' experiences in investing in over 50+ units and selling 150+ homes to present a community and curriculum to fast track your success in real estate to build the dream life you want to have.

Online Coaching Platform To Build A Successful Real Estate Investment Business

With our specific course content and mindset coaching, we are fostering a community and container to encourage and support you to realize your greatest potential. FEAR is the only thing that gets smaller the closer you get to it, and we are here to help mitigate your FEAR with knowledge and support

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To learn more about our program, we offer a complimentary 45-minute session, and we would also like to get to know YOU and your goals first to see if we can help support YOUR VISION.